Additional Nutritional – Newsletter #1 – Tip of the week

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Tip of the week: Do not under eat

So, your tip for this week ties right into our common misconception on weight loss….here we go!!

Do Not Under Eat.

One of the biggest lies that we’ve been told through media and fake news outlets on Healthy Eating is that you have to drastically cut your calorie intake in order to lose weight.  Most people start by cutting out carbs altogether, they may eliminate a variety of foods, food groups, no beer, no salt, no carbs, no fats, no sugar, no fruit, no bread, no pasta, no rice, no dairy, no gluten, no wheat, no eggs, no meat……and all of this equals no fun, and it’s just not sustainable in our society.

When someone embarks on a diet, they are cramming their life into a diet that may not fit their life for a long period of time.  I think diet should be a swear word, I never use it to refer to healthy eating in any way.  A Healthy Eating Plan (not diet) should fit YOUR lifestyle.  It should fit your schedules, your sleep patterns and the makeup of your entire life (family, work, etc).

Often, when we see the biggest loser type challenges and rapid weight loss transformations we see these before and after pictures of people losing up to 20lbs in 4-6 weeks.  We have been conditioned to think and believe that this is healthy and possible.  Although it IS possible, it is NOT healthy.  When ANYONE loses that much weight, that fast I can tell you with complete certainty that the majority of that weight loss is water weight, decreased lean muscle tissue and decreased bone density due to malnourishment and major caloric deficits.  In some cases, folks will lose 10lbs, or so and actually increase their body fat percentage.

So to recap, I want you to focus on eating the right amount of calories for YOU.  Whatever your goal is, whether it be weight loss, weight gain or weight management while creasing body fat, you need to know how many calories to intake.

I have talked to about 10000 people over my career and have come to know that 90% of the people trying to lose those last 10-20lbs are slightly or drastically UNDEREATING.  Or they are undereating all week and overeating all weekend, which is our main topic for next week.

I want to get you started on the right path toward ultimate health.

I want to have you understand that Under Eating SLOWS DOWN and/or can HALT YOUR METABOLISM.

I am going to give you a little gift here to allow you to get your specific calorie count that will get you to your goal. because I want to see you all succeed and understand.

Let the education begin!!

FILL OUT YOUR INFO BELOW to get your Custom Calorie Count and begin to understand what it means to keep a proper inventory of how much you should be eating.

Until next week…..Eat healthily, be strong and know that you are now setting an example for all those around you to lead a healthier life because of your actions.

Thank yourself for taking the first steps to understanding and appreciating that healthy eating is important and it can be very tasty as you will come to see starting with the Banana Cream Buckwheat Pancakes.

See you next week,