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How it Works

  • Fill out the profile form to tell us your unique health and fitness goals.
  • Submit your photos and measurements for progress charting
  • Include your daily and weekly physical activities, your lifestyle and food preferences
  • We send you a guide to success, which includes everything you need to know about the journey you will embark on
  • We custom create you your unique macronutrient-timed meal schedule and grocery list, and contact you regularly for accountability and support. 

Feedback From Participants 

“I had been going to the gym steady for a year and a half and although I was active I found myself plateauing and using my “busy schedule” as an excuse develop unhealthy eating habits. Additional Nutritional provided me with the structure and guidance to get back on track and not only achieve my fitness goals but surpass them. The meal plans provided by Additional Nutritional were easy to follow and any questions that I did have were answered quickly by their knowledgeable staff. Since beginning this program I’ve become more organized, not only in meal planning but overall, I have more energy, I sleep better and I feel great. I started this program with a goal in mind of losing 20 pounds. In four months I have lost almost 40 pounds.
Adam Gillis”

“This experience has changed my life. Not only to lose weight but keep it off. It changes my view of food and how I enjoy it, indulge and keep on track. It provided me with the fundamentals needed to not only diet but to change my lifestyle. It motivated me to be better all round even in the gym.
The experience overall was great and easy to use. The customized plan made me feel like I had a say in everything I ate, and my needs, lifestyle, and dislike were fully taken into consideration make it easier to follow.
Courtney Jones”

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