Overcome Any Obstacle by Asking Yourself This!

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Once in a while, as a fitness and nutrition coach, I can get overwhelmed. In my nearly 4 decades on this Earth, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a teacher for every grade from Kindergarten to University. I’ve been a cycling guide in the mountains in Europe, even a barista at a coffee shop.  However, no other career has been as emotionally challenging, or as intrinsically rewarding as becoming a fitness trainer and nutrition coach. Don’t get me wrong with that first part, I absolutely LOVE helping people reach their goals through clean, healthy eating above anything I’ve ever done before. Helping people live better lives through nutrition and fitness is the ultimate experience.  However, as a health coach, it can be emotionally draining at times, as people sometimes can’t see that overcoming nutrition obstacles and setbacks in fitness is a simple as asking your self one simple question.

People in this profession may very well hear more excuses than any other person on the planet. We all make excuses from time to time, but the ones that are hardest for me to hear are the ones that I know are truly holding a person back from greatness, and sometimes theres nothing I can do or say to help. It can be hard overcoming obstacles in nutrition and fitness without the right mindset.

Overcoming Nutrition Obstacles and Getting Past Excuses Can Be As Simple As Choosing Which Type of Person You Are!

There are two kinds of people out there and we each have the choice over which type we become. You can either choose to be a victim….or you can choose to be an over-comer! Which you choose has a direct and powerful effect on your success in overcoming nutrition obstacles as well as those fitness and finally achieving your goals.

Every single one of us out there has had hardship, has been dealt the short end of the stick, gotten sick, had an injury, lost their job, or lost a loved one.  Its all about how each person handles those shortcomings. Do these hardships propel you forward, or do they hold you back? Do you use them as a crutch or as inspiration to work harder?

Since you’re with me here today and are reading this article in the hopes of learning more about fitness and nutrition, Im going to guess that you’re an over-comer! Am I right? You’re ready to take action, no matter what obstacles lie before you. For those brief moments when you may want to feel like a victim, even just for a few minutes, I encourage you to think about yourself in these terms; victim? or overcomer? I guarantee you will choose overcomer every single time.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Kathy Judson

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